Architectural Imagination after May ’68 / GSD Talks -- book launch on Henri Lefebvre’s 'Toward An Architecture of Enjoyment,' edited by Lukasz Stanek

Sep 17, 2014

In this lunchtime discussion organized in the GSD Talks series, Professor Lukasz Stanek (Manchester University, UK) presented a newly discovered and translated book by Henri Lefebvre, Toward An Architecture of Enjoyment, which he edited and introduced for the University of Minnesota Press.  Professor Stanek’s remarks outlined the connections between Lefebvre’s theory of architecture and his approach to urbanization and the production of space.  Additional comments and reflections were offered by Profs. K. Michael Hays (Harvard GSD), Eve Blau (Harvard GSD), Tom Conley (Harvard, Visual and Environmental Studies) and Stuart Elden (Warwick University, UK).  Neil Brenner (Harvard GSD) introduced and moderated the discussion, which was attended by many Urban Theory Lab researchers.

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