Projective Views on Urban Metabolism Conference

Feb 07, 2014

The Doctor of Design program at the GSD, with the support of the Urban Theory Lab, the Energy and Environment Lab, New Geographies Lab, the Department of Architecture and Landscape Architecture and the Urban Metabolism group at the GSD, are hosting a one-day conference entitled "Projective Views on Urban Metabolism". The concept of urban metabolism, aiming to grasp the continuous processes of energy, material and population exchange within and between cities and their extensive hinterlands, has been the subject of both extensive empirical research and, increasingly, critical discussion within the social and natural sciences. However, these interdisciplinary challenges have not yet been met with a synthetic response from the design disciplines. Through the lens of urban metabolism, the goals of this one-day conference are:  to reassess the planetary rescaling of contemporary urbanization processes; to unpack the transformation of spatial forms and structures, and on this basis, to track the emergence of new operative territories for design; and finally, to explore the agency of design in confronting these challenges. This event, has been organized by UTL members Daniel Ibañez and Nikos Katsikis, with the support of UTL member Ali Fard and other doctoral students at the GSD. It will take place in Piper auditorium at the GSD on Friday February 7th from 10am to 6pm.

The conference is also connected to the forthcoming issue of New Geographies, ‘Grounding Metabolism’, edited by Daniel Ibañez and Nikos Katsikis, scheduled for publication in May 2014. 


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Nov 29, 2015

The editors of New Geographies are delighted to announce that the journal will now be hosted in the Urban Theory Lab-GSD.  The Lab's director, Professor Neil Brenner, will now serve as faculty advisor to the project.  New Geographies was launched in 2008 by Doctor of Design (DDes) candidates at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design working with Professor Hashim Sarkis in the New Geographies Lab.  With the support of the GSD Dean's Office, the Aga Khan Program at the Harvard GSD and the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts, eight issues have been published to date, which explore the agency of diverse design disciplines in relation to emergent geographical conditions and transformations.  The journal's editors look forward to continuing their explorations of such issues in collaboration with the Urban Theory Lab's closely allied efforts to reconceptualize urbanization and territory at all spatial scales.

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