Operational Landscapes Exhibition at Melbourne School of Design

Mar 17, 2015

The Urban Theory Lab recently opened their exhibition "Operational Landscapes" at the Melbourne School of Design (MSD). The exhibition asks: In what sense do we today live in an "urban age"? Frequently invoked by scholars, policy-makers, planners, designers, and architects, usually with reference to the proposition that more than 50 percent of the world's population now lives within cities, such a question provokes further questioning: Can the nature of our urban world be understood and mapped exclusively with reference to the growth of cities and their populations? 

The exhibition turns this proposition upside-down and inside-out by speculating on a radically alternative mapping of contemporary planetary urbanization. What happens to our cognitive map of the global urban condition if we focus not on the global cities or megacities of the world, but on the wide-ranging sociospatial and environmental transformations that are currently unfolding in supposedly "remote" or "wilderness" regions such as the Amazon, the Arctic, the Gobi desert steppe, the Himalayas, the Pacific Ocean, the Sahara desert, and Siberia, and even the earth's atmosphere? To what degree are such zones now being integrated within a worldwide fabric of urbanization? How are they being restructured and enclosed to support the energy, water, material, food and logistics needs of major cities? 

Through speculative cartographies of these emergent "operational landscapes," the exhibition aims to illuminate the radical transformations of land-use, infrastructure, and ecology far beyond the city limits that have made the contemporary formation of planetary urbanization possible.

Curatorial Team: Grga Basic (MDes '15), Chris Bennett (MDes '15), Mariano Gomez Luque (MArch II '13, DDes), Daniel Ibañez (MDes '12, DDes)

With support from: Office of the Dean, Melbourne School of Design; Office of the Dean, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University; Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University; Milton Fund, Harvard University Medical School

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Sep 27, 2015

Urban geographer Louise Dorignon of the Université Lumière Lyon II has published a detailed review of the Urban Theory Lab's exhibition on Operational Landscapes at the Melbourne School of Design from Spring 2015.  The review appeared in English on the website of Society & Space, and in French in an issue of the journal Urbanités.  It offers a very thoughtful, systematic discussion of our recent exhibition in Melbourne, at once in relation to the UTL's ongoing research program, and in relation to the framework presented in our book, Implosions/Explosions (Berlin: Jovis, 2014).  Many thanks to Louise Dorignon for such a precise, detailed and thoughtful engagement with our work.  We also thank our colleagues at Urbanités for kindly permitting the essay’s translation into English.

LINK (English)

LINK (French)

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Louise Dorignon, review, operational landscapes, exhibition, Melbourne

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