The Arctic and the oceans as zones of urbanization: Prof. Philip Steinberg visits the Urban Theory Lab

Apr 18, 2014

The Urban Theory Lab recently hosted political geographer Phil Steinberg of the University of Durham for a series of lectures at the GSD.  Professor Steinberg's visit was organized collaboratively with our friend and colleague Professor Pierre Belanger of the GSD's Department of Landscape Architecture, whose ongoing work on "the oceanic turn" has likewise entailed a close dialogue with Phil Steinberg's thinking about The Social Construction of the Ocean.  In a first lecture, connected to our Extreme Territories of Urbanization project seminar, Professor Steinberg discussed his past and present work on the transformation of the Arctic.  His new co-authored book on this topic, Contesting the Arctic, is forthcoming this summer with I.B. Tauris.  In a second presentation, Professor Steinberg spoke to Pierre Belanger's seminar on the epistemological ramifications of the study of oceanic space for more general questions of political-economic geography.  We are hugely grateful to Phil for a fascinating, provocative and extremely high-energy visit to our research groups at the GSD.  We look forward to further dialogue about contemporary transformations of these and other "remote" places--and the methodological and cartographic challenges associated with their critical investigation.

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