Daniel Ibañez lecture at “New Urbanism, New Cities” conference in Santander, Spain

Sep 09, 2014

Daniel Ibañez, UTL research manager, recently contributed to a conference on "Nuevo Urbanismo, Nuevas Ciudades" (New Urbanism, New Cities) in Santander, Spain, which was hosted by the Universidad Internacional Menedez Pelayo (UIMP) and directed by the award-winning Spanish urbanist Jose Maria Ezquiaga and the Spanish curator Ariadna Cantis. The seminar program included contributions by young and established urbanists who are concerned to decipher contemporary patterns of urbanization moment in Spain.  Equally, the conference aimed to provide a forum for generating and discussing new conceptualizations, ideas, projects and strategies that might inform more nuanced urban interventions in the future.  In his lecture, Daniel Ibañez reported on the need to create new conceptualizations of the urban that supersede historically inherited binarisms and reconnect geography and ecology.  He proposed that contemporary theories of socio-environmental metabolism could be helpful not only for understanding the interdependencies between agglomerations and broader operational landscapes, but as a basis for repositioning the agency of design in relation to contemporary urbanization patterns.


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