Neil Brenner and Daniel Ibañez lecture at "Thinking with Your Eyes" Symposium

Feb 27, 2014

Last week, Urban Theory Lab researchers Neil Brenner and Daniel Ibañez contributed to an interdisciplinary conference on visualization, "Thinking with your eyes," held at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. The presentation focused on the Lab's use of visualization strategies as a tool of theory building in relation to urban questions, with specific reference to our ongoing project, "Extreme Territories of Urbanization."  It was a pleasure to contribute to this event and to dialogue with other scholars in the social sciences, the humanities and the design disciplines about the role of visualization in contemporary research--and practice.

Diagram by Kelvy Bird of Dpict

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Daniel Ibañez and Nikos Katsikis, book presentation and symposium talk in San Francisco

Apr 11, 2015

Daniel Ibañez and Nikos Katsikis, UTL Doctoral Researchers, presented their book, New Geographies 6: Grounding Metabolism, at the SPUR Urban Center in San Francisco. During their visit to the West Coast, they also contributed to a “flash symposium” on urban metabolism which was co-organized by the Urban Works Agency  and the California College of the Arts (CCA) as part of the San Francisco Market Street Prototyping Festival. This event took place on San Francisco’s Market Street and included short talks by Christopher Roach and Neeraj Bathia (Urban Works Agency/CCA), Irene Cheng (CCA) and David Fletcher (CCA).

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UTL researchers contribute to symposium on 'Arctic States' at University of Virginia

Apr 18, 2015

UTL researchers Daniel Ibanez and Grga Basic recently contributed to a symposium on "Arctic States" which was hosted by the School of Architecture at the University of Virginia (UVA).  The event was organized by UVA professors, Matthew Jull and Leena Cho, directors of the Arctic Design Group and recent graduates of the Harvard GSD.  The symposium included contributions by a wide range of scholars, architects and designers who are concerned to understand and shape extreme, remote and contested territories such as the Arctic. The symposium provided a forum for generating and discussing ideas, conceptualizations and projects in and around the Arctic region. 

In his lecture to the opening panel of the symposium, Daniel Ibañez reported on the work that the Urban Theory Lab has been developing on the Operational Landscapes of Urbanization, with particular reference to UTL studies of the Arctic region by Grga Basic, Ali Fard and Ghazal Jafari.  In his contribution to the event, Grga Basic presented two posters derived from that collaborative research which synthesized our work in progress on the Arctic's thickening urban fabric.

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Oct 29, 2015

In collaboration with Elisa Cattaneo (Milano Politecnico), UTL researcher Nikos Katsikis recently organized a one-day symposium on ‘Geo-graphical Urbanism’ within the context of the Milan Expo Belle Arti, in the Perelli Tower, Milan.  Playing upon the literal meaning of the word ‘geo-graphy’—the writing on the earth—the symposium aimed to unpack the relationship between urbanization and geography, both as a discipline and as an understanding of context. The symposium built upon ongoing work in the UTL on planetary urbanization, as well as the continuing elaboration of a geographic paradigm for design within the GSD’s New Geographies journal. It brought together an interdisciplinary selection of seminal scholars and practitioners in order to examine and discuss both the agency of geographical factors in shaping patterns of human occupation of the earth, as well as the role of design decisions and projects as geo-structures inscribed on the earth’s surface. In this way, the symposium aspired to explore the potentials of a geo-graphic paradigm to design research and practices.  It also addressed the rich and long, but rather under-examined, intellectual exchange between geography and various design disciplines.  Partipants included Franco Farinelli (Bologna), Milica Topalovic (ETH), Paola Viganò (EPFL/IUAV), Alex Wall (Virginia) Adrian Lahoud (Royal College of Arts, London)


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