Neil Brenner Lecture at Liquidation Conference in Zagreb

Apr 24, 2014

Neil Brenner, director of the Urban Theory Lab, recently contributed to a conference on the privatization of urban space in Zagreb, Croatia.  The conference program included contributions by artists, activists and radical scholars concerned to decipher the implications of privatization and neoliberal enclosure for the fabric of contemporary urban life. 

The event was connected to a broader interdisciplinary collaboration, conceived by New York-based curator Sarah Lookofsky and produced by Stacion--Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina--along with a team of Zagreb-based curators (Ana Kovacic, Lea Vene, and Sanja Sekelj).  An art exhibition, "Liquidation," accompanied the conference at the Galerija Miroslav Kraljevic in Zagreb. 

Additionally, the conference featured contributions from several members of the Right to the City movement in Zagreb (Pravo na Grad), who reported on their long history of struggle for more just, democratic and open forms of public space in the post-socialist city (for an informative overview of their work, see this blog post by Subversive Urbanism). 

Photo credit: Davor Konjikusic

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Jun 15, 2015

Congratulations to our good friend and colleague, GSD graduate Nikola Bojic, who recently guest-edited the 96th issue of Zivot Umjetnosti, a magazine for contemporary visual arts published in Zagreb, Croatia.  Several Urban Theory Lab projects were presented in the issue--including a series of visualizations reporting on our ongoing work on "extreme territories" (curated by Daniel Ibanez); as well as a Croatian translation of Neil Brenner's essay, "Age of urbanization," connected to his work as editor of the volume Implosions/Explosions (Berlin: Jovis, 2014).  We are hugely grateful to Nikola Bojic and our colleagues at Zivot Umjetnosti for their interest in and support of our projects.  We wish them every success as they further develop their explorations of the issue's theme, "From territory to specific site," in various exhibitions and future publications.  The journal's press release follows:  

The latest issue of Zivot Umjetnosti magazine explores the interspace between territorial and site-specific. Moving through the territories of migration, technology, law, poetry, infrastructure and public space, this issue draws attention to liminal cultural phenomena that can operate across multiple scales. The magazine brings together research papers and map-pamphlets intertwined into 10 thematic layers. Spatial logic embedded in the magazine’s structure tends to transform the traditional printed mediainto a device for generating new territorial realms.  

“…If a map reflects an ideological organization of space, then the operation of re-mapping stimulates the continuous clash between various ideological positions. The magazine thus refuses to serve the exclusive interests of a particular subject (a place, a person, or a structure), that is characteristic for the most of the established historical narratives and projections of the future. Instead, it shifts to the links and exchanges between the subjects connected through the ten thematic layers. The perpetual movement within this space blurs the geographical and the epistemological boundaries, merging both mapping and reading into a single process.”  --Nikola Bojic, issue editor.


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