Nikos Katsikis defends doctoral thesis "From hinterland to Hinterglobe: Urbanization as Geographical Organization"

Feb 01, 2016

On Monday February 1st 2016, UTL researcher Nikos Katsikis successfully defended his dissertation ‘From Hinterland to Hinterglobe’. The project critically revisited the concept of the hinterland aiming to transcend its associated dichotomies and limitations. It introduced the meta-categories of agglomeration landscapes and operational landscapes as landscapes of possible externalities associated with particular operations. The project investigated how these externalities emerge out of, or are prohibited by, particular compositions of asymmetrically distributed, but largely continuous, elements of geographical organization (elements of the natural environment, elements of infrastructural equipment, demographic factors, institutional and regulatory frameworks). In addition to introducing these novel categories, the project also explored how they could be cartographically defined through the combinatory charting of the various geographical elements that constitute them, blending a theoretical apparatus, building upon theories of the social and ecological production of space under capitalism; with a cartographic and geostatistical apparatus, building upon a critical engagement with selected global geospatial datasets. Finally, as a means of exploring the capacities of these novel concepts, the project attempted a historical overview of the development of urbanization as geographical organization over the past two centuries. The presentation concluded with a lively discussion with committee members Neil Brenner, Hashim Sarkis, Pierre Bélanger as well as several UTL researchers.

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