GSD research studio, “Extreme territories of urbanization: regulatory restructuring,” Spring 2014.

Jan 23, 2014

We are delighted to announce the continuation of our work on the urbanization of the world’s most remote places and regions in the context of a GSD project-based research class for Spring 2014, “Extreme territories of urbanization: regulatory restructuring.”  This class will meet every Friday, 8 to 11am during the GSD Spring 2014 semester.  Interested students should attend the first session for a detailed explanation of our agenda. 

Students interested in learning about our work via the literatures in urban theory should consider enrolling for “Urban theory after 1968,” also taught by Neil Brenner in Spring 2014, Fridays, 2-5pm.  This reading- and writing-intensive class will survey some of the major traditions of post-1968 radical urban theory, with specific reference to some of the key issues and debates with which the Urban Theory Lab is most directly concerned.  Key texts include classic works by Henri Lefebvre, Manuel Castells, David Harvey and Neil Smith, among other theorists; more recent work on globalized urbanization, worlding cities and postcolonial urbanism; and the UTL’s newly published book, Implosions/Explosions.

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Mapping: Geographic Representation and Speculation

Feb 02, 2014

This semester UTL faculty member, Robert Gerard Pietrusko, will again be offering his course "Mapping: Geographic Representation and Speculation," with the help of UTL doctoral student, Daniel Ibanez. In this lecture, students learn to think criticially about geospatial datasets and unpack the conventions of carographic representation while deploying these techniques within their own work to visual complex spatial processes or speculate on future spatial possibilities. 


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