Final Presentations, Spring 2014 Utl Research Studio On Extreme Territories Of Urbanization

May 12, 2014

This Spring, our work on the urbanization of the world’s most “remote” places continued with a wonderful and dedicated group of student researchers, most of whom are enrolled in the GSD's Master of Design Studies (MDesS) program, Class of 2015.  Last year's research laid the intellectual and cartographic groundwork for the study of urbanization processes in the extreme territories--the Arctic, the Amazon, the Gobi desert steppe, the Himalayas, the Sahara, Siberia, the Pacific Ocean and the atmosphere.  This year's research team built upon those foundations and focused more systematically on the neoliberalizing regulatory transformations, policy regimes and political strategies that have facilitated these emergent, if deeply uneven, urbanization processes. 

As with last year's final presentations, our symposium this year was attended by a large number of students and colleagues from the GSD and beyond, and generated productive and provocative discussions about many of the key methodological, cartographic and political issues we are exploring in the Lab.  The symposium concluded with comments and reflections from UTL Advisory Board member and visiting professor Alvaro Sevilla Buitrago (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain). It was followed by our annual "urbanization in Somerville" gathering at Neil Brenner's home.  Our work will continue ....

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