Manuel Castells visits the Urban Theory Lab

Feb 19, 2014

Urban Theory Lab researchers were privileged this week to have a lunchtime seminar with one of the great urban theorists of our time, Manuel Castells, the author of many of the most foundational and influential books in our field, including The Urban Question (1972), The City and the Grassroots (1983), The Informational City (1989), The Rise of the Network Society (1996), Communication Power (2009) and Networks of Outrage and Hope (2012).  Professor Castells' engagement with the Urban Theory Lab occurred admist a busy 2-day visit to the GSD, in which he also presented public lectures to larger audiences on "The Space of Autonomy: Cyberspace and Urban Space in Networked Social Movements" and "Urbanism in the Information Age:  Places, Flows, Networks."  Our research group was delighted to have the opportunity to dialogue with Professor Castells about his past and present research agendas, and to receive his feedback on some of our ongoing research projects. Along with the intellectual nourishment we received from his visit, we were all quite charmed by Professor Castell's personal warmth and intellectual generosity, and by his refreshingly joyful approach to scholarship, dialogue and debate.  Thank you, Manuel Castells, for a wonderful and inspiring visit to the GSD!

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