Final presentations, research studio on “Extreme Territories of Urbanization”

May 03, 2013

Our first research studio on the urbanization of the world’s most “remote” places concluded with a day-long symposium and workshop in which student researchers reported on and discussed their work from the past semester.  The presentations were attended by a large number of students and colleagues from the GSD and beyond, and generated a fascinating series of conversations and debates about urban theory, geopolitical economy, landscape restructuring and socio-environmental transformations around the world.  The symposium concluded with a wide-ranging roundtable discussion of our work thus far, with incisive reflections from UTL Advisory Board members Stuart Schrader (American Studies, NYU) and David Wachsmuth (Sociology, NYU).  Our work this semester also benefited immensely from the contributions of UTL Advisory Board members, visiting professor Alvaro Sevilla Buitrago (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain) and Ann Yoachim (GSD Loeb Fellow, 2012-13).  Our work will continue in future semesters.

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extreme territories, urbanization, final presentation, Spring 2013