Podcast 2: Margit Mayer

After a long winter and a busy semester, we are delighted to renew our podcast series through a dialogue with our long-time friend, comrade and colleague, Margit Mayer, Professor at the Free University Berlin.   The conversation was recorded on a beautiful Spring afternoon in Berlin, in a garden courtyard where a chorus of birds can be heard singing in the background.   Margit Mayer is among the most influential scholars working in the field of critical urban studies today.  Her many writings on urban social movements under Fordism, post-Fordism, globalized urbanization and neoliberal urbanism have influenced generations of urban thinkers and activists concerned to understand the changing contexts of radical and progressive urban struggles.  Her most recent books include Neoliberal Urbanism and its Contestations (co-edited with Jenny Künkel; Palgrave, 2012); Cities for People, not for Profit: Critical Urban Theory and the Right to the City (co-edited with Neil Brenner and Peter Marcuse; Routledge, 2012); and Social Movements in the (Post-)Neoliberal City.  Civic City Cahier 1 (London: Bedford Press/AA, 2010).

Publications related to this podcast:
- Margit Mayer (2009) The ‘right to the city’ in the context of shifting mottos of urban social movementsCITY, 13:2, 262-374.
- Margit Mayer (2013) First world urban activism: Beyond austerity urbanism and creative city politics, CITY, 71:1, 5-19.
- Margit Mayer and Julie-Anne Boudreau, “Social movements in urban politics: trends in research and practice,” in Karen Mossberger, Susan E. Clarke, and Peter John editors, Oxford Handbook on Urban Politics.  Oxford: Oxford University Press, 273-291.

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