Podcast 3: Ananya Roy

Our dialogues on the urban question continue this Fall, beginning with a wide-ranging discussion of urban epistemology and critical theory with Ananya Roy, Professor of City and Regional Planning and Distinguished Chair in Global Poverty and Practice at the University of California Berkeley. Through her powerful critiques of mainstream urban ideologies and her forceful arguments in favor of a postcolonial urbanism, Ananya Roy has animated the field of urban theory with a wide range of new concepts, epistemologies and horizons for both research and action.  Her books include City Requiem, Calcutta: Gender and the Politics of Poverty (University of Minnesota Press, 2003), Worlding Cities: Asian Experiments and the Art of Being Global (co-editor with Aihwa Ong, Blackwell, 2011); and Poverty Capital: Microfinance and the Making of Development (Routledge, 2010).  Her latest book, Territories of Poverty (co-edited with Emma Shaw Crane), is forthcoming later this year from the University of Georgia Press.

Publications related to this podcast:
- Ananya Roy (2011) Slumdog cities: rethinking subaltern urbanism, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 35:2, 223-238.
- Ananya Roy (2009) The 21st century metropolis: new geographies of theory, Regional Studies, 43:6, 819-830.

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