Kerry Bobbins and Guy Trangoš, Mining Landscapes in the Gauteng City-Region (Johannesburg: Gauteng City-Region Observatory, 2018).

Johannesburg is the product of gold. Its history charts the large scale extraction of the world’s largest gold reserves, where extreme wealth and extreme exploitation have been fused together in the substructures of society. While mining close to the city has ceased, the mining landscape remains as a toxic homage to the city’s origins. With multiple contributions from urban researchers and photographers, this extensive research report investigates the continued social, economic, and environmental effects of Johannesburg’s landscape of extraction. It questions the role of both private and governmental actors in mediating the numerous externalities these landscapes cause and proposes that the mining landscape is reconsidered as a major opportunity for reimagining the spatial form of the region.

Image caption: Mine residue areas near Johannesburg. Guy Trangoš; GDARD Mine Residue Areas, 2012; 20m contour.


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