What World? Reframing the World as One City

Roi Salgueiro, "What World? Reframing the World as One City: A review of the exhibition “City of 7 Billion. A Constructed World"" UrbanNext 

The recent exhibition and symposium "City of 7 billion. A constructed world", organized by Yale faculty members Bimal Mendis and Joyce Hsiang, explored how the totality of the world could be conceived and represented as one single city. Placing this image of the world amidst a lineage of architectural approaches to the planetary scale and examining its position vis-à-vis ongoing debates about the analytical overcoming of the discrete city, the ideologies of geo-spatial information, and the (dis)encounters between World and Earth systems; Roi Salgueiro examines in this review how the construction of such an image can help to bridge between contemporary urban theory and the practices of architecture and urbanism. In this sense, the review works in tandem with the debate forum that the author, together with UTL member Daniel Ibañez, has started at urbanNext to discuss how diverse meta-geographic theoretical positions could may inform disciplinary reorganizations.

This essay was originally published at urbanNext.net, Actar Publishers' online platform devoted to discussions of contemporary urbanization.  We are most grateful to our colleagues at urbanNext/Actar for generously permitting us to post this text here.  Original post date:  December, 2, 2015. DOI: https://urbannext.net/what-world/  

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