"Globalization as reterritorialization," 15 years later: Daniel Ibañez in dialogue with Neil Brenner on the rescaling of urban governance

From the blog of the journal Urban Studies

"In 2013, to mark 50 years of Urban Studies, the Editors put together a Virtual Special Issue, bringing together articles from across the years. Fifteen articles were selected: the five most downloaded; the five most cited; and the five most important published prior to 1990 (as collectively decided by the Editors). These articles were made freely accessible on the Journal's website for six months during 2013 and readers were invited to vote for their three favourite articles.  Neil Brenner's article, "Globalization as Reterritorialization: The Re-scaling of Urban Governance in the European Union", was the clear favourite, with by far the most votes cast. The article, published in March 1999 (Volume 36/3), is one of Urban Studies' most highly cited articles."

Upon receiving this news, we prepared this video to discuss some of the major issues explored in the article, also in relation to some of the current agendas of the Urban Theory Lab.  The video was produced by our colleague and friend Maggie Janik.

The original 1999 article can be downloaded here