Metabolic Upscaling

Projective Views on Urban Metabolism - Harvard GSD DDes conference 2014

The conference "Projective Views on Urban Metabolism" took place in Piper Auditorium at the Harvard GSD on Friday February 7th of 2014.  The conference was organized by Urban Theory Lab researchers and GSD DDes candidates Daniel Ibañez and Nikos Katsikis, with the support of Urban Theory Lab researcher Ali Fard and other doctoral students at the GSD.  The Urban Theory Lab co-sponsored the event along with our friends in the New Geographies Lab and several other GSD programs and labs.

In the first panel entitled 'Metabolic Upscaling', major theorists of urban metabolism addressed the transformation of socio-environmental dynamics in historical and contemporary perspective.  Their deliberations on the metabolic rift/shift, the anthropocene, and the contemporary socioenvironmental crisis are of considerable relevance to urban theorists concerned to understand the interplay between urbanization and the ongoing transformation of socioenvironmental landscapes.  Speakers in the first panel included Professor Jason Moore (SUNY-Binghamton), Professor Erle Ellis (University of Maryland), Professor Timothy Luke (Virginia Polytechnic Institute) and Professor Matthew Gandy (University College London).  A subsequent discussion with the audience was moderated by Professor Neil Brenner, Director of the Urban Theory Lab.  A forthcoming issue of the GSD journal New Geographies, entitled "Grounding Metabolism", edited by Daniel Ibanez and Nikos Katsikis, will further develop these themes.