Neil Brenner contributes to Daniels Forum, University of Toronto

(Note: Brenner presentation begins at: 20:00)

In October 2015, The Daniels Forum at the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design, University of Toronto, organized a debate on “Uber Urbanism” which considered the changing meanings of cities and urbanism under conditions of contemporary globalization.  The event was introduced and moderated by Daniels Faculty’s Richard Sommer, Dean and Professor of Architecture and Urbanism.  Neil Brenner presented his current ideas on planetary urbanization, and Jesse LeCavalier of the New Jersey Institute of Technology reported on his studies of logistical actors such as Walmart and Amazon.  The event concluded with a panel discussion and exchanges with audience members.  Thank you to Dean Sommer and the Daniels Faculty for the opportunity to present some of the UTL’s research agendas in this lively, stimulating and well-organized forum.